Maryville Rehab: Skilled Nursing

Licensed clinicians, superior care and individualized programs invite smooth transitions.

Skilled nurses and superior facilities play a vital role in the productive transition from hospital to home. By providing specialized, short-term care that caters to the specific needs of the individual around the clock, Shannondale strives to offer the best in comprehensive care, remaining determined to make the road to recovery as comfortable and successful as possible.

A physician will often recommend a skilled nursing facility when a person requires additional recovery time in a supportive setting before returning home. Skilled-nursing facility services must be provided by licensed clinicians and must include (at least) the administration of medication, teaching and assessment, complex wound care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation.

Often, this additional recovery and rehabilitation time is focused on improving strength, balance, safety and independence. An individualized rehabilitation program accomplishes these goals while including daily therapies, including physical, occupational and speech. This additional time for healing, strengthening and recovery often results in a smoother transition to home, an improved ability to manage daily tasks and increased independence.