What is a Retirement Community?

Our Buckingham (Knoxville) and Maryville retirement communities are designed for adults age 55 and older, who want the privacy of their own home and the carefree lifestyle of maintenance-free living. These beautiful communities offer spacious homes, duplexes and garden villas, where retirees can enjoy a life of leisure or pursue the interests and activities that, for many years, took second place to professional and social responsibilities. Residents maintain an active lifestyle and enjoy the pleasant company of their neighbors and friends by participating in the numerous community activities and outings.

Is Shannondale’s Retirement Community right for me?

The Buckingham and Maryville retirement communities are ideal for those seeking to maintain privacy and independence while still living an active lifestyle in the company of peers.

Adults living in our communities are able to care for themselves, including attending to the needs of everyday life. Residents come and go on their own schedule, and participate in whichever activities catch their interest. In fact, there is little to distinguish our communities from other master-planned developments.

Our residents are drawn to these communities, because of the shared amenities and the chance to downsize the responsibilities of traditional home ownership. After all, maintenance-free living means no more yard work or home repairs! Residents also enjoy the social aspect – they live and play with others in the same phase of life, forming friendships that lead to a more satisfying retirement.


Knoxville Buckingham

Private homes, duplexes and garden villas minutes from downtown Knoxville, restaurants, shopping, University of Tennessee, hospitals, airport and the Great Smoky Mountains.

  • Residents come and go on their own schedule
  • Planned social activity options
  • Meals available 3 times per day in the retirement center
  • Landscaping services provided
  • Home maintenance services provided

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Maryville Campus

Spacious attractively landscaped homes and garden villas in a serene setting located near shopping, hospital, airport, Maryville College and the Great Smoky Mountains.

  • Planned social activity options
  • Shared community spaces
  • Reserve amenities for private gatherings
  • Walking trails throughout neighborhood

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