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Shannondale Rocks!

Spread kindness with Shannondale Rocks!

Find a rock, hide a rock and pass along the joy

Shannondale Rocks

How often do we notice ourselves wishing for some excitement in our day? Often many people are focused on the tasks ahead instead of enjoying the little things along the way. Through these ups and downs that fill our days, we may not notice someone taking the time to hide a piece of happiness. But thanks to a couple of Buckingham residents, we are adding more happiness to peoples’ days, through hand-painted rocks.

What is Shannondale Rocks?

Like the Kindness Rocks Project, Shannondale’s Buckingham residents paint rocks and hide them across Shannondale and Knoxville so those who find them can have a spark of joy in their day. Rocks have whimsical pictures or inspirational words painted on them. The idea started with two residents, Betty Craig and Del Neely. They love to enhance morale around Shannondale of Knoxville and thought this is another way to do so.

Shannondale Rocks

How It Works

Every rock that is painted has a special QR code on the back. People who find the rock can use a smartphone to scan the code and discover the Shannondale Rocks Facebook group

The rocks will be placed across Knoxville, so be on the lookout for one when you are out and about. When you find a rock, hide it somewhere new so that others can experience the random acts of kindness as well or keep it as a fond memory.

Let your friends and family know about this project so they can find their own rock. Learn about the history of Shannondale rocks by clicking HERE.