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WellPark at Shannondale

WellPark Outpatient Therapy is for anyone, no prescription or insurance is needed.

Offering aquatic therapy, sports rehabilitation and strength training, WellPark is unmatched in resources to advance your health and mobility. We treat a variety of diagnoses and disorders including, but not limited to:

WellPark Rehabilitation

Treatments Offered include:

• Initial evaluation
• Therapeutic exercise
• Manual therapy
• Gait training
• Joint stretching
• Soft tissue and nerve mobilization
• Postural and body mechanic corrective techniques
• Balance retraining
• Neuromuscular retraining
• Cervical and lumbar traction
• Orthotic fitting
• Myofascial release
• Individualized home exercise program development
• Maintenance therapy
• Home safety assessment
• Therapeutic activity

From sports injuries to knee replacements, our team of experienced physical therapists assist patients of all ages in achieving their wellness goals. Enjoy an encouraging, welcoming atmosphere and increased one-on-one time with your therapist.

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